Polarized light in nature

Es ist mehr Licht polarisiert, als man denkt

There is more polarized light than you think

The 20 regular readers are probably a little tired of the polarization, but the big difference between horizontally and vertically polarized light at a normal view I was not aware of. The sun was low, and about 90 degrees to the left of the view direction. The sunlight is therefore scattered in the mist by approximately 90 degrees. In this case, the polarization can only be perpendicular to the direction of incidence and outgoing beam. Therefore in the picture it is almost vertically. Both images were taken with the same aperture and shutter speed. To get an idea of where polarized light appears in the picture, I have determined the difference with the GIMP. In the fine structures in the tree, the leaves probably did not stay exactly in the same place. The brightness at this positions are probably artifacts.

Hier ist der Unterschied zwischen vertikal und horizontal polarisiertem Licht abgebildet

Here the difference between vertically and horizontally polarized light is shown

In landscape photography you should always have a polarizing filter it.