LowLightCam - Detlef Schmicker
This app improves taking pictures in low light conditions. In very low light conditions LowLightCam can take decent pictures, even if pictures taken by the standard camera app are hardly usable.

The app simulates long exposure times while stabilizing the picture. It only uses video resolution (!!!), but usually in low light conditions a large number of pixels is not useful at all.

- Live preview of stabilized, calculated picture
- Some HDR (high dynamic range, different modes) simulations
- Indicator of stabilization quality and region
- Choose focus point, if available from the hardware
- The heavy calculations need current hardware, for slower hardware the resolution can be reduced

To get an idea what the app can do and what it can't do, we offer some pictures taken with an iPad4:

Original Camera-App

4 modes with LowLightCam

Original Camera-App (nearly black image), LowLightCam image

Original Camera-App, LowLightCam image